Website support


Support after creating a website


Once your site is on the Internet soon you will have to do it on / edit if you want it to be relevant and interesting. In some cases it will need a small and lightweight for practicing change as publishing information about an event organized by the company, but otherwise you may need a new site section or new functionality to impose changes to the site as a whole.

Unprofessional ongoing website update often leads to damage to the site, albeit unintentionally. For example, to damage or lose references to form errors in the code to put too wide tables and site to “shall cut.” The use of non-optimized graphics maybe significantly slow down the site.

Our services support site protect your site from misunderstandings, save you time and save you hiring a separate specialist to maintain your web projects.

Website support include:

  • Edit and change the text on the website;
  • Adding new texts to your website;
  • Processing and adding images;
  • Replace images;
  • Add and delete pages from the site;
  • Adding and deleting files from the site;

If the site is hosted with us:

  • Monthly backup of the database information;
  • Renewal and transfer of domain;
  • Support for hosting;
  • Support for POP3 mailboxes.

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