Website development

The creation of site consists of several stages:

  • Website development concept
  • Preparing of technical assignment
  • Making of design to site
  • Production of software insurance to site
  • Handling of text and pictures and filling the database

Each of the stages is important to realize professionally. Errors of any of the steps leading to the production of “corrupted” site.


Create concept

Often it believes that the construction of the site begins with building design. This is not so. The production design is just one of the stages of development of the site.

Most – the first step is to define the goals and objectives that the site sets. The objectives can be varied: attracting new customers, information support of existing customers, positioning the company as a market leader, promoting a specific product and so on..

By – further determine the composition of a future audience and its geography: who, where and why will visit web site?

Manufacturing site that relies on youth audiences will strongly differs from site professionally oriented societies and sites for local residents – from site visitors from the province.

At the next stage discusses issues of site layout, schedules are the main requirements to the site, its structure, how to follow-up with him. Determine the value of the work is concluded and a contract is drawn up schedule for construction of the site.

Preparation of technical assignment

Тechnical assignment is a document with which you should definitely start the process, since without its availability is impossible to design any website.

In the terms of reference detailing replaying structure, navigation, functionality, design requirements, and even to the form of baseline data provided.

Identify and describe the required software modules that need to be worked out, and finally approve a document specifying the content and layout of the site.

Sometimes the cost of production of technical job site reaches half of the cost of construction of the site. Not very large sites such card, technical assignment can be written simplistic.

Create a design of website

The design of the website is made in accordance with the wishes of the customer, taking into account the specificities of the logo and corporate style.

The originality of web design is directly dependent on the payment for it. The more time has a web designer for creative work, the more interesting it will be layout, and not particularly expensive or expensive web design will feature exclusively on the originality of the idea, but not the quality of performance.

The value of the developed web design is influenced primarily by requirements imposed by the customer.

As a rule, the price of web design of website is about 20% – 40% of the entire project.

Create of program assignment

When the site design is agreed and accepted by the customer and all the pages are validated, begin production of software security.

The programming of the website include the production management system of the website and user area. Thanks to that web design studio “Web Design Net” has a significant volume developments in the field of web programming and all standard modules are already available, cost and time for production of the programming part of the site can be significantly reduced.

Our systems management sites have a built-in visual – graphic editor allowing to edit pages on the site without any specialized knowledge, embedded graphics, tables, to have hyper links and many others. The interface allows easily transfer the site information such .DOC, PDF and others.

You can also independently control the structure of the site, change content, create new sections and manage its menus.

For all this will not require additional knowledge but skills for working with Windows applications as the system is built with intuitive interface, which allows you to rent filling the site no expensive specialists.

Handling of text and pictures and filling the database

The cost of processing the text and the pictures and filling the database is directly related to:

  • Type the provided source material (whether provided in electronic format, whether on paper, whether manufactured or processed by the contractor);
  • Filling the site with information (whether remains obligation of the contractor or customer).

Usually when Web Site is considered filling the database in sufficient volume to test the site. If we be commissioned introduction of all the information (and sometimes thousands and tens of thousands of positions), the price is directly dependent on the type and volume of information provided. Typically, however, of such amounts of data to make a mechanism for importing data.

As a result of the present stage of construction of the site reaches its operating model (essentially a fully functioning site that have not yet reached their users). After testing and making necessary amendments adopted site on the internet, as well as registers in the major search engines and catalogs.

This completes construction of the website.

In Media Ltd. play have done Web Site for:

  • company
  • corporate website
  • Real estate website
  • travel agency
  • online store
  • electronic catalog
  • hotel
  • dealership
  • construction company
  • advertising agency
  • foundations and associations

What next?

Further possible next stage work: advertising on the site, campaign promotion of the website and SEO site optimization for search engines.

In planning the cost of site we advise:

  • Cost accounting for Hosting – 60 lev per year
  • Bet in your budgeted funds for further work on popularization of the website through search engine optimization and Internet advertising.

ДAre we guarantee for production

When making a website or online store, we pay close attention to testing the project. We are confident in the high quality of our work, so after the submission of site operation, we provide half year warranty on our software development. This means that if you find any errors in the program modules of the site, we correctly and completely free to correct them, provided that it occurs within six months of completion of work on the construction site.


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