Web-based software for sending short text message (SMS) which target is advertisement and notification clients.

The system has the ability to send messages to over 1100+ operators worldwide at competitive prices.

Besides web-based system, SMS Gateway platform provides the ability to send multiple messaging service via HTTP API or SMPP communication.

Main modules in SMS Gateway platform:

  • Sending text messages to:
    • One recipient
    • Multiple recipients
  • Send message to group of recipients
  • Templates management
  • Group management
  • Managing dynamic consignors (Dynamic consignor is a text or numbers other than phone number to advertise the service)
  • Manage payments, platforms and tax invoices
  • Automatic generation of reports

For more information and advice, please contact us!

# Оператор 0-1000 бр. 1000-5000 бр. 5000-10000 бр. 10000-50000 бр. над 50000 бр.
0.06 лв./бр.
0.055 лв./бр.
0.05 лв./бр.
0.046 лв./бр.
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0.06 лв./бр.
0.065 лв./бр.
0.06 лв./бр.
0.055 лв./бр.
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0.045 лв./бр.
0.04 лв./бр.
0.037 лв./бр.
0.03 лв./бр.
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0.06 лв./бр.
0.055 лв./бр.
0.05 лв./бр.
0.045 лв./бр.
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ДържаваОператорИдентификаторМобилен кодОбслужвани мрежиЦена
1AfghanistanEtisalat Afghanistan41293500.12 лв.
2AfghanistanMTN Afghanistan41293400.04 лв.
3AfghanistanRoshan41293200.04 лв.
4AfghanistanSalaam Afghan Telecom4129388 800.04 лв.
5AfghanistanAfghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC)4129310.07 лв.
6AlbaniaEagle Mobile27635530.04 лв.
7AlbaniaPlus Communication27635540.04 лв.
8AlbaniaTelekom Albania27635510.04 лв.
9AlbaniaVodafone Albania27635520.04 лв.
10AlgeriaOoredoo Algeria60321330.04 лв.
11AlgeriaAlgerie Telecom (Mobilis)60321310.04 лв.
12AlgeriaOrascom Telecom (Djezzy)60321320.04 лв.
13American SamoaBlue Sky Communications544684110.16 лв.
14AndorraAndorra Telecom (Servei De Tele. DAndorra)21337630.04 лв.
15AngolaMovicel Angola63124440.04 лв.
16AngolaUnitel Angola63124420.08 лв.
17AnguillaCable & Wireless Anguilla36512648400.04 лв.
18AnguillaWeblinks3651264100.08 лв.
19AnguillaWireless Ventures Anguilla (Digicel)365126450,9300.08 лв.
20Antigua and BarbudaAPUA PCS344126830 30.04 лв.
21Antigua and BarbudaCable & Wireless Antigua34412689200.00 лв.
22Antigua and BarbudaDigicel Antigua3441268930 500.04 лв.
23ArgentinaClaro Argentina (Cti Pcs)72254310 320 330 310.04 лв.
24ArgentinaDefault (Unallocated Prefixes)722549990.04 лв.
25ArgentinaHutchison Telecommunications Argentina72254350.04 лв.
26ArgentinaNextel Argentina722542 20 00.04 лв.
27ArgentinaTelecom Personal7225434,341,3400.04 лв.
28ArgentinaTelefonica Moviles Argentina (Movistar)722547 1 70 100.04 лв.
29ArmeniaBeeline Armenia28337410.04 лв.
30ArmeniaKarabakh Telecom28337440.04 лв.
31ArmeniaOrange ArmeniaOrange Armenia 283374100.04 лв.
32ArmeniaVivaCell (MTS Armenia)28337450.04 лв.
33ArubaDigicel Aruba36329720 0 3 20.08 лв.
34ArubaSETAR36329710.08 лв.
35AustraliaOptus Mobile505612 900.04 лв.
36AustraliaTelstra505611 11 71 720.04 лв.
37AustraliaVodafone Hutchison Australia505613 70.04 лв.
38AustriaHutchison 3G Austria2324310 140.16 лв.
39AustriaMobilkom Austria232431 2 11 90 9 150.08 лв.
40AustriaOrange Austria232435 6 120.04 лв.
41AustriaT-Mobile Austria232433 40.12 лв.
42AustriaTele.ring Telekom2324370.12 лв.
43AzerbaijanAzercell40099410.04 лв.
44AzerbaijanAzerfon (Nar Mobile)40099440.08 лв.
45AzerbaijanBakcell40099420.04 лв.
46BahamasBahamas Telecommunications Company364124239 390 10.04 лв.
47BahrainBatelco42697310.04 лв.
48BahrainVIVA (STC Bahrain)42697340.04 лв.
49BahrainZain Bahrain42697320.04 лв.
50BangladeshAirtel47088070.04 лв.
51BangladeshBanglalink47088030.04 лв.
52BangladeshCitycell47088050.04 лв.
53BangladeshGrameenphone4708801 60.04 лв.
54BangladeshRobi (Axiata)47088020.16 лв.
56BarbadosDigicel Barbados3421246750 50 5000.04 лв.
57BarbadosFlow Barbados (LIME - CWC)3421246600 600.04 лв.
60BelarusVelcom25737510.04 лв.
61BelgiumBase2063220 60.04 лв.
62BelgiumBelgacom Mobile (Proximus)2063210.04 лв.
63BelgiumMobistar20632100.04 лв.
64BelizeBelize Telecommunication702501670.04 лв.
65BelizeBelize Telecommunication702501670.04 лв.
66BeninBBCOM61622940.04 лв.
67BeninGlo Benin61622950.08 лв.
68BeninLibercom61622910.04 лв.
69BeninMoov Benin (Etisalat)61622920.08 лв.
70BeninMTN Benin (Spacetel)61622930.08 лв.
71BermudaCellular One Bermuda350144100.04 лв.
72BermudaDigicel Bermuda35014411 100.04 лв.
73BermudaM3 Wireless (Mobility)350144120.04 лв.
74BhutanB-Mobile Bhutan Telecom402975110.04 лв.
75BhutanTashiCell402975770.04 лв.
76BoliviaEntel Bolivia73659120.04 лв.
77BoliviaNuevatel73659110.04 лв.
78BoliviaTigo Bolivia73659130.04 лв.
79Bosnia and HerzegovinaBH Telecom218387900.04 лв.
80Bosnia and HerzegovinaEronet21838730.04 лв.
81Bosnia and Herzegovinam:tel21838750.08 лв.
82BotswanaBTC Mobile (beMobile)65226740.04 лв.
83BotswanaMascom Wireless65226710.04 лв.
84BotswanaOrange Botswana65226720.04 лв.
86BrazilClaro Brazil7245550.04 лв.
93BrazilVivo Brazil724556 10 11 230.04 лв.
94Brunei DarussalamB-Mobile Brunei5286732 80.04 лв.
95Brunei DarussalamDST Communications52867311 10.04 лв.
96Burkina FasoAirtel Burkina Faso61322620.04 лв.
97Burkina FasoOnatel Burkina Faso61322610.04 лв.
99BurundiEconet (Spacetel)64225710.04 лв.
100BurundiLeo (Telecel)642257820.04 лв.
101BurundiTempo (Africell)64225720.04 лв.
102CambodiaBeeline (Cambodia)45685590.04 лв.
103CambodiaCellcard (Mobitel)4568551 180.04 лв.
104CambodiaMetfone (Viettel Cambodia)45685580.08 лв.
105Cambodiaqb (Cambodia Advance Communications)45685540.04 лв.
106CambodiaSmart Mobile4568552 5 60.04 лв.
107CameroonMTN Cameroon62423710.04 лв.
108CameroonNEXTELL Cameroon62423740.04 лв.
109CameroonOrange Cameroon62423720.04 лв.
110CanadaAirtel Wireless30212900.04 лв.
111CanadaBell Mobility Inc3021610 640 651 610.04 лв.
112CanadaChoice Wireless30216300.04 лв.
113CanadaDryden Mobility30213800.04 лв.
114CanadaFido Solutions30213700.04 лв.
115CanadaFirst Networks Operations30213500.04 лв.
116CanadaICE Wireless30216200.04 лв.
117CanadaMobilicity30213200.04 лв.
118CanadaMTS3021655,6600.04 лв.
119CanadaRogers Wireless Canada30217200.04 лв.
120CanadaSaskTel Wireless3021680,7800.04 лв.
121Canadatbaytel30216560.04 лв.
122CanadaTelus Canada3021360 220 221 361 653 657 86 64 710.04 лв.
123CanadaVideotron30215000.04 лв.
124CanadaWIND Mobile30214900.04 лв.
125Cape Verde IslandsCV Movel62523810.04 лв.
126Cape Verde IslandsT+ Telecomunicacoes62523820.08 лв.
127Cayman IslandsCable & Wireless Cayman Islands3461345140 140.08 лв.
128Cayman IslandsDigicel Cayman34613456 50.04 лв.
130Central African RepublicNationLink Telecom62323640.04 лв.
131Central African RepublicOrange Central African Republic62323630.04 лв.
132ChadAirtel Chad62223510.04 лв.
133ChadTigo Chad62223530.08 лв.
134ChileClaro Chile7305630.04 лв.
135ChileEntel Pcs73056100.04 лв.
136ChileEntel Telefonia Movil7305610.04 лв.
137ChileTelefonica Movil Chile (Movistar)730562 70.12 лв.
138ChileVirgin Mobile(Tribe)7305613 980.04 лв.
139ChileVTR7305680.04 лв.
140ChileWOM (Nextel)730569 40.04 лв.
141ChinaChina Mobile460860 2 70.04 лв.
142ChinaChina Telecom460863 50.04 лв.
143ChinaChina Unicom460861 60.04 лв.
144ColombiaAvantel732571300.04 лв.
145ColombiaClaro Colombia (Comcel)732571010.04 лв.
146ColombiaEdatel7325720.04 лв.
147ColombiaEmcali73257990.04 лв.
148ColombiaMovistar Colombia73257102,1230.04 лв.
149ColombiaTigo Colombia73257103,1110.04 лв.
150Comoros/MayotteHURI65426910.04 лв.
151CongoAirtel Congo6292421 890.04 лв.
152CongoAzur Congo62924220.08 лв.
153CongoMTN Congo629242100.12 лв.
154CongoWarid Congo62924270.04 лв.
155Congo, The Democratic Republic of theAirtel RDC63024320.04 лв.
156Congo, The Democratic Republic of theOrange RDC630243860.04 лв.
157Congo, The Democratic Republic of theSupercell Congo63024350.08 лв.
158Congo, The Democratic Republic of theTIGO RDC630243890.08 лв.
159Congo, The Democratic Republic of theVodacom DRC63024310.12 лв.
160Cook IslandsTelecom Cook Islands54868210.04 лв.
161Costa RicaClaro CR Telecomunicaciones71250630.04 лв.
162Costa RicaICE Costa Rica7125061 2 200.04 лв.
163Costa RicaTelefonica Moviles Costa Rica71250640.08 лв.
164Cote D` IvoireGreenN Ivory Coast61222560.08 лв.
165Cote D` IvoireKoZ Ivory Coast (Comium)61222540.04 лв.
166Cote D` IvoireMoov Ivory Coast61222520.08 лв.
167Cote D` IvoireMTN Ivory Coast61222550.12 лв.
168Cote D` IvoireOrange Ivory Coast61222530.16 лв.
169CroatiaT-Mobile Croatia21938510.04 лв.
170CroatiaTele2 Croatia21938520.04 лв.
171CroatiaVIP219385100.04 лв.
173CyprusCYTA (Vodafone)28035710.04 лв.
174CyprusMTN Cyprus (Areeba)280357100.04 лв.
175CyprusPrimeTel280357200.04 лв.
176Czech RepublicO2 Czech Republic23042020.08 лв.
177Czech RepublicT-Mobile Czech Republic23042010.08 лв.
178Czech RepublicU:fon23042040.08 лв.
179Czech RepublicVodafone Czech Republic23042030.12 лв.
180DenmarkBarablu Mobile2384570.04 лв.
181DenmarkCBB Mobil238459910.04 лв.
182DenmarkFONET238459900.04 лв.
183DenmarkHi3G Denmark2384560.04 лв.
184DenmarkLycamobile Denmark Ltd23845120.04 лв.
186DenmarkTelenor2384520.04 лв.
187DenmarkTelenor (ex-Tele2)23845770.04 лв.
188DenmarkTelia Denmark2384520 300.04 лв.
189DjiboutiDjibouti Telecom (Evatis)63825310.04 лв.
190DominicaCable & Wireless Dominica36617671100.04 лв.
191DominicaDigicel Dominica366176720 500.04 лв.
192Dominican RepublicCODETEL (Claro)370180920.04 лв.
193Dominican RepublicOrange Dominicana370180910.04 лв.
194Dominican RepublicTricom370180930.08 лв.
195Dominican RepublicTrilogy Dominicana (Viva)370180940.04 лв.
196EcuadorClaro (Conecel S.A.)74059310.08 лв.
197EcuadorCNT Mobile (Alegro)74059320.16 лв.
198EcuadorDefault (Unallocated Prefixes)7405939990.08 лв.
199EcuadorMovistar (Otecel S.A.)74059300.04 лв.
200EgyptEtisalat Egypt6022030.08 лв.
201EgyptMobinil Egypt6022010.04 лв.
202EgyptVodafone Egypt6022020.04 лв.
203El SalvadorClaro (CTE)70650310.04 лв.
204El SalvadorDigicel El Salvador70650320.04 лв.
205El SalvadorIntelfon (RED)70650350.12 лв.
206El SalvadorTelefonica El Salvador (Movistar)70650340.12 лв.
208Equatorial GuineaGETESA (Orange)62724010.04 лв.
209EstoniaElisa Estonia2483722 50.04 лв.
210EstoniaEMT24837210.16 лв.
211EstoniaTele2 Estonia24837230.04 лв.
212EthiopiaETMTN63625110.04 лв.
213Falkland IslandsTouch Falkland Islands75050010.04 лв.
214Faroe IslandsFaroese Telecom28829810.04 лв.
215Faroe IslandsKall28829820.04 лв.
216FijiDigicel Fiji54267920.04 лв.
217FijiVodafone Fiji54267910.04 лв.
218FinlandAlands Mobiltelefon244358140.04 лв.
219FinlandDNA Finland2443583 12 130.04 лв.
220FinlandElisa Finland24435850.04 лв.
221FinlandSaunalahti244358210.04 лв.
222FinlandTDC244358100.04 лв.
223FinlandTeliasonera Finland244358910.04 лв.
224FranceBouygues Telecom2083320 21 880.16 лв.
225FranceDefault (Unallocated Prefixes)208339990.16 лв.
226FranceIliad - Free Mobile2083315 140.16 лв.
227FranceLycamobile France20833250.16 лв.
228FranceNJR Mobile20833260.16 лв.
229FranceOrange France208331 0 20.16 лв.
230FranceSFR2083310 11 130.16 лв.
231FranceTransatel Mobile20833220.16 лв.
232FranceVirgin Mobile (OMEA)20833230.16 лв.
233French GuianaDigicel French Guiana742594200.08 лв.
234French GuianaOrange Caribe French Guiana74259410.08 лв.
235French GuianaOutremer Telecom French Guiana74259420.08 лв.
236French PolynesiaVINI547689200.04 лв.
237French PolynesiaVodafone French Polynesia547689150.04 лв.
238GabonAirtel Gabon62824130.04 лв.
239GabonAzur Gabon62824140.04 лв.
240GabonLibertis Gabon62824110.04 лв.
243GambiaComium60722030.04 лв.
244GambiaGamcel60722010.04 лв.
245GambiaQcell60722040.04 лв.
247GeorgiaGeocell28299510.04 лв.
249GermanyVodafone Germany (D2)262492 4 90.08 лв.
250GermanyDolphin Telecom26249120.12 лв.
251GermanyE-Plus262493 50.08 лв.
252GermanyLycamobile Germany26249430.08 лв.
253GermanyMobilCom26249130.12 лв.
254GermanyO2 Germany262497 8 110.04 лв.
255GermanyT-Mobile Germany262491 60.04 лв.
256GermanyVistream26249160.12 лв.
257GhanaAirtel Ghana (Zain)62023360.04 лв.
258GhanaExpresso6202334,5010.08 лв.
259GhanaGlobacom62023370.04 лв.
260GhanaMTN Ghana62023310.04 лв.
261GhanaTigo Ghana Millicom)62023330.04 лв.
263GibraltarGibtel26635010.04 лв.
264GreeceCosmote202301 30.16 лв.
265GreeceQ Telecom2023090.16 лв.
266GreeceVodafone Greece2023050.16 лв.
267GreeceWind Greece20230100.16 лв.
268GreenlandTELE Greenland29029910.04 лв.
269GrenadaCable & Wireless Grenada35214731100.04 лв.
270GrenadaDigicel Grenada352147330,1300.04 лв.
271GuadeloupeDigicel Guadeloupe34059020,9950.04 лв.
272GuadeloupeOrange Caraibes Guadeloupe34059010.23 лв.
273GuadeloupeOutremer Telecom Guadeloupe3405902,9940.04 лв.
274GuadeloupeTelcell (Saint Martin et Saint Barthelemy Telcell Sarl)34059030.04 лв.
275GuamDocomo Pacific (Hafatel)53516714700.04 лв.
276GuamiConnect53516712600.04 лв.
277GuamPulse Mobile (GTA Wireless)53516711400.04 лв.
278GuamWave Runner (i CAN_GSM)53516712500.04 лв.
279GuatemalaClaro Guatemala70450210.04 лв.
280GuatemalaTelefonica Guatemala (Movistar)70450230.04 лв.
281GuatemalaTigo Guatemala (Comcel)70450220.04 лв.
282GuineaAreeba Guinea61122440.04 лв.
283GuineaCellcom Guinea61122450.04 лв.
284GuineaOrange Guinea61122410.16 лв.
285GuineaSotelgui (Lagui)61122420.08 лв.
286GuineaTelecel Guinea61122430.04 лв.
287Guinea-BissauGuinetel63224570.04 лв.
288Guinea-BissauMTN Guinea-Bissau (Spacetel)63224520.04 лв.
289Guinea-BissauOrange Bissau63224530.04 лв.
290GuyanaDigicel Guyana73859210.04 лв.
291GuyanaTelephone Guyana (Cellink)73859220.08 лв.
292HaitiDigicel Haiti37250920.12 лв.
293HaitiNatcom37250930.04 лв.
294HaitiVoila37250910.08 лв.
295HondurasClaro Honduras (Sercom)70850410.04 лв.
296HondurasDigicel Honduras70850440.08 лв.
297HondurasHondutel708504300.04 лв.
298HondurasTigo Honduras (Celtel)70850420.04 лв.
299Hong KongChina Mobile Hong Kong45485212 130.16 лв.
300Hong KongChina Motion Mobile45485290.16 лв.
301Hong KongChina Unicom Hong Kong45485270.16 лв.
302Hong KongChina-Hong Kong Telecom454852110.16 лв.
303Hong KongCITIC Telecom 161645485210.16 лв.
304Hong KongCSL4548520 2 10 180.16 лв.
305Hong KongHong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Ltd45485216 19 290.16 лв.
306Hong KongSmarTone Mobile4548526 15 170.16 лв.
307Hong KongThree Hong Kong4548523 4 5 140.16 лв.
308Hong KongTruPhone Hong Kong45485280.16 лв.
309HungaryT-Mobile Hungary21636300.04 лв.
310HungaryTelenor Hungary (Pannon)2163610.04 лв.
311HungaryVodafone Hungary21636700.04 лв.
312IcelandIceCell27435470.04 лв.
313IcelandIMC Islande (Viking)27435440.04 лв.
314IcelandNova274354110.04 лв.
315IcelandNull-Niu27435460.04 лв.
316IcelandSiminn2743541 8 120.04 лв.
317IcelandVodafone Iceland2743542 30.04 лв.
321IndonesiaIndosat Ooredoo510621 210.04 лв.
322IndonesiaSmartfren510629 280.04 лв.
323IndonesiaTelkomsel5106210 200.04 лв.
325IndonesiaXL Axiata51062110.04 лв.
326International NetworksAntartica9018130.04 лв.
327International NetworksThuraya901850.08 лв.
328IranKFZO (TKC)43298140.04 лв.
329IranMCI43298110.04 лв.
330IranMTN (Irancell)43298350.04 лв.
331IranTaliya43298320.12 лв.
332IraqAsia Cell (Ooreddo)4189645 0 10.04 лв.
333IraqKorekTel41896440 910.16 лв.
334IraqSanaTel4189648 2 82 930.04 лв.
336IrelandMeteor2723533 70.04 лв.
337IrelandTesco Mobile272353110.04 лв.
338IrelandThree Ireland27235350.04 лв.
339IrelandThree Ireland (O2)27235320.04 лв.
340IrelandVodafone Ireland2723531 120.04 лв.
341IsraelCellcom Israel42597220.04 лв.
342IsraelGolan Telecom Israel (MVNO Cellcom)42597280.04 лв.
343IsraelHot Mobile (Mirs) (MVNO Pelephone)42597270.04 лв.
344IsraelJawwal42597250.04 лв.
345IsraelOrange Israel (Partner)42597210.04 лв.
346IsraelPelephone42597230.04 лв.
347IsraelWataniya Israel (ooredoo)42597260.04 лв.
348ItalyLyca Italy22239350.12 лв.
349ItalyNoverca2223970.12 лв.
350ItalyThree Italy22239990.12 лв.
351ItalyTIM Italy2223910.12 лв.
352ItalyVodafone Italy22239100.12 лв.
353ItalyWind Italy22239880.12 лв.
354JamaicaDigicel Jamaica338187650 50.04 лв.
355JamaicaFlow Jamaica (LIME - CWC)3381876180 18 200.04 лв.
356JapanKDDI440817 8 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 88 890.04 лв.
357JapanNTT DoCoMo440811 2 3 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 49 58 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 87 990.04 лв.
358JapanSoftBank Mobile4408120 4 6 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 90 92 93 94 95 96 97 980.04 лв.
359JapanY!mobile4408100.04 лв.
360JordanOrange Jordan41696277 20.04 лв.
361JordanUmniah41696230.04 лв.
362JordanZain Jordan41696210.04 лв.
363KazakhstanBeeline Kazakhstan4017710.04 лв.
364KazakhstanKcell4017720.04 лв.
365KazakhstanTele2 Kazakhstan40177770.04 лв.
366KenyaAirtel Kenya (Zain)6392543 730.04 лв.
367KenyaSafaricom6392542 720.04 лв.
368KenyaTelkom Kenya (Orange)6392547 770.04 лв.
369Kenyayu (Econet Wireless Kenya)6392545 750.04 лв.
370Korea, Democratic People`s Republic of (North)Korea Posts and Telecommunications4678503,1930.04 лв.
371Korea, Democratic People`s Republic of (North)Koryolink4678501920.04 лв.
372Korea, Republic ofKT Freetel450822 4 80.04 лв.
373Korea, Republic ofLG Telecom450826 30.08 лв.
374Korea, Republic ofSK Telecom4508250.08 лв.
377KuwaitZain Kuwait (MTC)41996520.04 лв.
379KyrgyzstanMegaCom43799650.04 лв.
381Lao People`s Democratic RepublicBeeline Laos45785680.04 лв.
382Lao People`s Democratic RepublicETL45785620.04 лв.
383Lao People`s Democratic RepublicLTC45785610.04 лв.
384Lao People`s Democratic RepublicUnitel Laos45785630.04 лв.
385LatviaBite Latvia24737150.04 лв.
386LatviaLMT24737110.12 лв.
387LatviaTele2 Latvia24737120.04 лв.
388LatviaTriatel24737130.04 лв.
389LebanonALFA4159611 34 32 330.04 лв.
390LebanonMTC Touch4159613 36 37 38 390.04 лв.
391LesothoEconet Ezi-Cel65126620.08 лв.
392LesothoVodacom Lesotho65126610.04 лв.
393LiberiaCellcom Liberia6182317 30.04 лв.
394LiberiaComium Liberia61823140.04 лв.
395LiberiaLonestar Cell (MTN)61823110.08 лв.
396LibyaAl Madar (Orbit)60621810.04 лв.
397LibyaLibyana Mobile60621800.04 лв.
398LiechtensteinMobilkom Liechtenstein29542350.04 лв.
399LiechtensteinOrange Liechtenstein29542320.04 лв.
400LiechtensteinSwisscom Liechtenstein29542310.04 лв.
401LiechtensteinTele2 Liechtenstein295423770.04 лв.
402LithuaniaBite Lithuania24637020.04 лв.
403LithuaniaOmnitel24637010.04 лв.
404LithuaniaTele2 Lithuania24637030.04 лв.
405LuxembourgLuxGSM (P & T)27035210.04 лв.
406LuxembourgTango270352770.04 лв.
407LuxembourgVOXmobile270352990.04 лв.
408MacauCTM4558531 40.04 лв.
409MacauHutchison Telephone Macau4558533 50.04 лв.
410MacauSmartone45585300.04 лв.
411MacedoniaOne (Telekom Slovenia Group)29438920.04 лв.
412MacedoniaT-Mobile Macedonia (Mobimak)2943891 700.04 лв.
413MacedoniaVIP Operator29438930.04 лв.
414MadagascarAirtel Madagascar64626110.04 лв.
415MadagascarOrange Madagascar64626120.04 лв.
416MadagascarSacel Madagascar64626130.08 лв.
417MadagascarTelma Mobile (Telecel)64626140.04 лв.
418MalawiAirtel Malawi (Celtel)650265100.04 лв.
419MalawiTNM (Telekom Networks Malawi)65026510.04 лв.
421MalaysiaDiGi Telecommunications5026016 100.04 лв.
422MalaysiaMaxis Mobile5026012 170.04 лв.
423MalaysiaU Mobile50260180.04 лв.
424MaldivesOoredoo Malvides47296020.04 лв.
425MaldivesDhiraagu47296010.04 лв.
426MaliMalitel (Sotelma)61022310.23 лв.
427MaliOrange Mali61022320.27 лв.
431MartiniqueDigicel Antilles Martinique341596200.08 лв.
432MartiniqueOrange Caraibe Mobiles Martinique34159610.08 лв.
433MartiniqueOutremer Telecom Martinique34159620.08 лв.
434MauritaniaChinguitel60922220.12 лв.
435MauritaniaMauritel Mobiles609222100.08 лв.
436MauritiusCHiLi Mauritius (MTML)6172302 30.04 лв.
438MauritiusOrange Mauritius (Cellplus)61723010.04 лв.
439MexicoIusacell (Unefon)334524 50 400.04 лв.
440MexicoNextel Mexico334521 100.08 лв.
441MexicoPegaso (Movistar)334523 300.08 лв.
442MexicoTELCEL334522 200.04 лв.
444MoldovaMoldCell25937320.04 лв.
445MoldovaOrange Moldova25937310.04 лв.
446MoldovaUnite - IDC2593733 50.04 лв.
447MonacoMonaco Telecom2123771 100.04 лв.
448MongoliaG Mobile42897698 60.04 лв.
449MongoliaMobiCom Mongolia428976990.04 лв.
450MongoliaSkytel Mongolia428976910.04 лв.
451MongoliaUnitel Mongolia428976880.04 лв.
452MontenegroMTEL29738230.04 лв.
453MontenegroTelekom Montenegro2973822 40.04 лв.
454MontenegroTelenor Montenegro29738210.04 лв.
455MontserratCable & Wireless Montserrat35416648600.04 лв.
456MoroccoIAM60421210.12 лв.
457MoroccoMedi Telecom60421200.08 лв.
458MoroccoWANA6042122 30.08 лв.
459MozambiqueMcel Mozambique64325810.04 лв.
460MozambiqueMovitel Mozambique64325830.04 лв.
461MozambiqueVodacom Mozambique64325840.04 лв.
462MyanmarMPT (Myanmar Post and Telecommunication)4149510.04 лв.
463MyanmarOoredoo Myanmar4149550.04 лв.
464MyanmarTelenor Myanmar4149560.04 лв.
465NamibiaCell One64926430.04 лв.
466NamibiaMTC Namibia64926410.04 лв.
467NepalNcell (Spice)42997720.04 лв.
468NepalNepal Telecom (NTC)42997710.04 лв.
469NetherlandsBlyk Netherlands2043130.08 лв.
470NetherlandsElephant Talk Netherlands2043150.08 лв.
471NetherlandsKPN Netherlands204318 10 60 690.08 лв.
472NetherlandsLycamobile Netherlands2043190.08 лв.
473NetherlandsOrange Netherlands20431200.08 лв.
474NetherlandsT-Mobile Netherlands2043116 150.08 лв.
475NetherlandsTele2 Netherlands2043120.08 лв.
476NetherlandsTeleena Holding2043170.08 лв.
477NetherlandsTelfort2043112 180.08 лв.
478NetherlandsVodafone Netherlands204314 440.08 лв.
479Netherlands AntillesDigicel Netherlands Antilles36259969 500.04 лв.
480Netherlands AntillesTelcell Netherlands Antilles362599510.04 лв.
481Netherlands AntillesUTS Wireless Curacao Netherlands Antilles36259991,9510.04 лв.
482New CaledoniaMobilis New Caledonia54668710.08 лв.
483New ZealandTelecom New Zealand530645 0 2 60.08 лв.
484New ZealandTwo Degrees Mobile53064240.04 лв.
485New ZealandVodafone New Zealand530641 4 30.12 лв.
486NicaraguaClaro Nicaraqua71050521 730.04 лв.
487NicaraguaSercom Nicaragua (Enitel)710505730.04 лв.
488NicaraguaTelefonica Movil Nicaragua (Movistar)710505300 300.08 лв.
489NigerAirtel Niger61422720.04 лв.
490NigerMoov Niger61422730.04 лв.
491NigerOrange Niger61422740.04 лв.
492NigerSahelcom61422710.08 лв.
493NigeriaAirtel Nigeria (Zain, V-Mobile)621234200.04 лв.
494NigeriaEtisalat Nigeria621234600.04 лв.
497NigeriaMultilinks Nigeria62123400.08 лв.
498NigeriaVisafone Nigeria621234250.04 лв.
499NorwayNetCom (TeliaSonera)2424720.04 лв.
500NorwayNetwork Norway2424750.08 лв.
501NorwayTDC Mobile2424780.04 лв.
502NorwayTele2 Norway2424740.04 лв.
503NorwayTelenor Norway242471 120.04 лв.
504OmanNawras42296830.04 лв.
505OmanOman Mobile42296820.04 лв.
506PalauPalau Mobile Corporation55268080 20.08 лв.
507PalauPalau National Communications Corporation55268010.08 лв.
508PanamaCable & Wireless Panama71450710.08 лв.
509PanamaClaro Panama71450730.04 лв.
510PanamaDigicel Panama71450740.04 лв.
511PanamaTelefonica Moviles Panama71450720 20.04 лв.
512Papua New GuineaBmobile - Vodafone53767510.04 лв.
513Papua New GuineaDigicel Papua New Guinea53767530.04 лв.
514ParaguayClaro Paraguay74459520.04 лв.
515ParaguayPersonal Paraguay74459550.08 лв.
516ParaguayTigo Paraguay (Telecel)74459540.04 лв.
517ParaguayVOX Paraguay7445951 30.04 лв.
518PeruClaro Peru (America Movil)71651100.04 лв.
519PeruEntel (Nextel) Peru716517 170.04 лв.
520PeruTelefonica Movil Peru (Movistar)7165160.04 лв.
521PeruViettel Mobile Peru71651150.04 лв.
522PhilippinesGlobe Telecom515632 10.04 лв.
523PhilippinesSMART Communications515633 180.04 лв.
524PhilippinesSun Cellular5156350.04 лв.
525PolandEra2604820.04 лв.
526PolandOrange Poland (Centertel)260483 50.08 лв.
527PolandP4 (Play)2604860.04 лв.
528PolandPolkomtel (PLUS)2604810.08 лв.
529PolandSferia26048100.12 лв.
530PortugalMEO -TMN26835160.04 лв.
531PortugalOptimus26835130.04 лв.
532PortugalVodafone Portugal26835110.04 лв.
533Puerto RicoAT&T Mobility Puerto Rico330178730 38 99 1500.08 лв.
534Puerto RicoClaro Puerto Rico (Verison)3301787110 12 110.04 лв.
535Puerto RicoOpen Mobile (PR Wireless)330178700.04 лв.
536Puerto RicoSprint Puerto Rico3301787200.04 лв.
537Puerto RicoT-Mobile Puerto Rico33017871200.08 лв.
538QatarOoredoo Qatar42797410.04 лв.
540ReunionOrange Reunion64726200.04 лв.
541ReunionOutremer Telecom Reunion64726220.04 лв.
542ReunionSFR Reunion647262100.04 лв.
543RomaniaDigi.mobil (RDS)2264050.04 лв.
544RomaniaOrange Romania22640100.04 лв.
545RomaniaTelekom Romania (Cosmote)2264030.04 лв.
546RomaniaVodafone Romania2264010.08 лв.
547RomaniaZapp Mobile226404 60.04 лв.
549Russian FederationBeeline250799 28 440.04 лв.
551Russian FederationMegaFon25072 910.04 лв.
553Russian FederationMTS25071 4 10 13 92 930.04 лв.
561Russian FederationYota2507110.04 лв.
562RwandaAirtel635250140.04 лв.
563RwandaMTN Rwanda635250100.04 лв.
564RwandaTigo635250130.04 лв.
565Saint Kitts and NevisDigicel St.Kitts and Nevis3561869500.04 лв.
566Saint Kitts and NevisLIME35618691100.04 лв.
567Saint LuciaCable & Wireless Saint Lucia35817581100.04 лв.
568Saint LuciaDigicel Saint Lucia3581758500.04 лв.
569SamoaBluesky (SamoaTe)l549685270.08 лв.
570SamoaDigicel Samoa54968510.04 лв.
571Sao Tome and PrincipeCSTmovel62623910.04 лв.
572Saudi ArabiaMobily (Etisalat Saudi Arabia)42096630.04 лв.
573Saudi ArabiaSTC (Al Jawal)42096610.04 лв.
574Saudi ArabiaZain Saudi Arabia42096640.04 лв.
575SenegalExpresso60822130.08 лв.
576SenegalOrange Senegal (Sonatel)60822110.16 лв.
577SenegalTigo Senegal (Sentel)60822120.04 лв.
578SerbiaTelekom Serbia (m:tel)22038130.04 лв.
579SerbiaTelenor Serbia2203811 20.04 лв.
580SerbiaVIP Mobile22038150.04 лв.
581SeychellesCable & Wireless Seychelles63324810.04 лв.
582SeychellesMediaTech63324820.08 лв.
583SeychellesTelecom Seychelles633248100.04 лв.
584Sierra LeoneAfricell Sierra Leone6192323 2 50.04 лв.
585Sierra LeoneAirtel Sierra Leone61923210.04 лв.
586Sierra LeoneComium Sierra Leone61923240.04 лв.
587SingaporeM1 (MobileOne)5256530.04 лв.
588SingaporeSingTel525651 2 70.04 лв.
589SingaporeStarHub Mobile525655 60.04 лв.
590SlovakiaO2 Slovakia23142160.08 лв.
591SlovakiaOrange Slovakia2314211 50.08 лв.
592SlovakiaSlovak Telekom (T-Mobile Slovakia)2314212 40.12 лв.
593SlovakiaSwan23142130.08 лв.
594SloveniaMobitel Slovenia293386410.04 лв.
595SloveniaSi.mobil - Vodafone Slovenia293386400.04 лв.
596SloveniaT-2293386640.04 лв.
597SloveniaTusmobil293386700.04 лв.
598Solomon IslandsOur Telekom - Solomon Telekom Company54067710.04 лв.
599SomaliaGolis637252300.08 лв.
600SomaliaHortel637252250.08 лв.
601SomaliaNationlink637252100.08 лв.
602SomaliaSolTelco637252190.08 лв.
603SomaliaSomafone63725240.08 лв.
604SomaliaTelcom Somalia637252820.04 лв.
605SomaliaTelesom63725210.08 лв.
606South Africa8ta (Telkom)6552720.04 лв.
607South AfricaCELL C South Africa6552770.04 лв.
608South AfricaMTN South Africa65527100.04 лв.
609South AfricaVodacom South Africa6552710.04 лв.
610SpainBarablu21434230.08 лв.
611SpainDigiMobil21434220.08 лв.
612SpainEroski Movil21434240.08 лв.
613SpainEuskaltel2143480.08 лв.
614SpainFonyou21434200.08 лв.
615SpainJazztel21434210.08 лв.
616SpainLleida.net21434260.08 лв.
617SpainLycaMobile21434250.08 лв.
618SpainMobil R21434170.08 лв.
619SpainMovistar214347 50.08 лв.
620SpainONO21434180.08 лв.
621SpainOrange Spain214343 90.08 лв.
622SpainSimyo21434190.08 лв.
623SpainTelecable21434160.08 лв.
624SpainVodafone Spain214341 60.08 лв.
625Spainyoigo2143440.08 лв.
626Sri LankaAirtel Sri Lanka4139450.04 лв.
627Sri LankaDialog Axiata Sri Lanka4139420.04 лв.
628Sri LankaEtisalat Sri Lanka4139430.04 лв.
629Sri LankaHutch4139480.04 лв.
630Sri LankaMobitel4139410.04 лв.
632SudanMTN Sudan63424920.04 лв.
633SudanSudani One63424970.12 лв.
634SurinameDigicel Suriname74659730.04 лв.
635SurinameTelesur7465972 10.04 лв.
636SwazilandSwazi MTN653268100.04 лв.
637Sweden42IT24046160.16 лв.
638SwedenDjuice Mobile Sweden2404690.16 лв.
639SwedenGotalandsnatet24046170.12 лв.
640SwedeniMEZ24046200.12 лв.
641SwedenNordisk Mobiltelefon2404630.12 лв.
642SwedenSpinbox24046140.16 лв.
643SwedenSwefour24046100.12 лв.
644SwedenTele2 Sweden240467 5 530.12 лв.
645SwedenTelenor Sweden240468 12 6 720.12 лв.
646SwedenTeliaSonera Sweden240461 130.12 лв.
647SwedenThree Sweden240462 4 11 290.12 лв.
648SwedenTigo Ltd.24046340.16 лв.
649SwedenWireless Maingate24046150.16 лв.
650SwitzerlandBebbiCell22841510.12 лв.
651SwitzerlandLycamobile Switzerland22841540.04 лв.
652SwitzerlandSalt (Orange Switzerland)2284130.08 лв.
653SwitzerlandSunrise228412 120.04 лв.
654SwitzerlandSwisscom Mobile228411 990.08 лв.
655SwitzerlandTele4U (Sunrise)2284180.04 лв.
656Syrian Arab RepublicMTN Syria41796320.04 лв.
658TaiwanAPTG (Asia Pacific Telecom)46688650.12 лв.
659TaiwanChunghwa Telecom46688692 110.04 лв.
660TaiwanFar EasTone4668861 2 3 6 880.04 лв.
661TaiwanTaiwan Mobile46688697 93 990.04 лв.
662TaiwanVIBO466886890.04 лв.
664TajikistanBeeline43699250.04 лв.
665TajikistanMegafon43699230.04 лв.
666TajikistanTcell4369921 2 120.04 лв.
667Tanzania, United Republic ofAirtel Tanzania (Zain)64025550.04 лв.
668Tanzania, United Republic ofMIC Tanzania64025520.04 лв.
669Tanzania, United Republic ofVodacom Tanzania64025540.04 лв.
670Tanzania, United Republic ofZantel64025530.04 лв.
671ThailandAIS520661 230.04 лв.
672ThailandDTAC52066180.04 лв.
673ThailandTOT 3G52066150.04 лв.
674ThailandTrue Move52066990.04 лв.
675Timor-LesteTimor Telecom51467020.04 лв.
677TogoTogo Cell61522810.04 лв.
678TongaDigicel Tonga (Tonfon)539676430.08 лв.
679TongaU-Call53967610.12 лв.
680Trinidad and Tobagobmobile (Telecommunications Services Trinidad and Tobago - TSTT)374186812,1200.04 лв.
681Trinidad and TobagoDigicel Trinidad and Tobago3741868130 130.04 лв.
682TunisiaOoredoo Tunisia60521630.04 лв.
683TunisiaOrange Tunisia60521610.04 лв.
685TurkeyAVEA2869030.04 лв.
686TurkeyAVEA2869040.04 лв.
687TurkeyTurkcell2869010.04 лв.
688TurkeyVodafone Turkey2869020.04 лв.
689TurkmenistanMTS43899310.04 лв.
690TurkmenistanTM-Cell (Altyn Asyr)43899320.04 лв.
691Turks and Caicos IslandsCable & Wireless Turks and Caicos Islands37616493500.04 лв.
692Turks and Caicos IslandsDigicel Turks and Caicos Islands3761649500.08 лв.
693UgandaAfricell Uganda (Former Orange)641256140.04 лв.
694UgandaAirtel Uganda64125610.04 лв.
695UgandaAirtel Uganda (Former Warid)641256220.04 лв.
696UgandaMTN Uganda641256100.04 лв.
697UgandaUTL ( Telecom Limited)641256110.04 лв.
698Ukraine3Mob25538070.04 лв.
699UkraineGolden Telecom Ukraine2553805 390.04 лв.
700UkraineKyivstar Ukraine2553803 670.04 лв.
701UkraineKyivstar Ukraine (Beeline)2553802 680.04 лв.
702UkraineLife:)25538060.04 лв.
703UkraineMTS Ukraine2553801 500.04 лв.
704UkrainePEOPLEnet Ukraine255380210.04 лв.
706United Arab EmiratesEtisalat United Arab Emirates4249712 10.04 лв.
707United KingdomBT234440 76 770.04 лв.
708United KingdomCable & Wireless UK234447 92 9930.04 лв.
709United KingdomCable and Wireless Guernsey23444550.04 лв.
710United KingdomCloud923444180.04 лв.
711United KingdomFleXtel23444170.04 лв.
712United KingdomInquam Telecom23444750.04 лв.
713United KingdomJersey Airtel2344430.04 лв.
714United KingdomJersey Telecom2344450,9920.04 лв.
715United KingdomLycamobile United Kingdom23444260.04 лв.
716United KingdomManx Telecom23444580.04 лв.
717United KingdomMapesbury Communications2344410.04 лв.
718United KingdomO2 United Kingdom2344410 2 11 780.04 лв.
719United KingdomOnePhone United Kingdom2344480.04 лв.
720United KingdomOpal Telecom23444160.04 лв.
721United KingdomOrange United Kingdom2344433 34 530.04 лв.
722United KingdomT-Mobile United Kingdom2344430 31 320.04 лв.
723United KingdomTeleware23444190.04 лв.
724United KingdomThree United Kingdom2344420 940.04 лв.
725United KingdomVodafone United Kingdom2344415 910.04 лв.
726UruguayAntel (Ancel)7485981 00.04 лв.
727UruguayClaro Uruguay (CTI Movil)748598100.04 лв.
728UruguayTelefonica Movil Uruguay (Movistar)74859870.04 лв.
729USAAdvantage Cellular31018800.04 лв.
730USAAiradigm Communications31016400.04 лв.
731USAAlaska Digitel31014300.04 лв.
732USAAll Operators (New Prefixes)31019990.04 лв.
733USAAlltel Communications Inc3101590 13 5000.04 лв.
734USAAT&T Mobility (Dobson)31015600.04 лв.
735USAAT&T Mobility USA3101410 150 170 180 380 38 70 382 980 90 3700.04 лв.
736USACaprock Cellular31018300.04 лв.
737USACellcom USA31016000.04 лв.
738USACellular One of NE Arizona3101320,390,5700.04 лв.
739USACentennial Wireless3101300.04 лв.
740USAChoice Wireless31016300.04 лв.
741USACincinnati Bell Wireless31014200.04 лв.
742USACorr Wireless Communications3101800.04 лв.
743USACricket Communications310116 900.04 лв.
744USAGlobalstar USA31019700.04 лв.
745USAIowa Wireless Services31017700.04 лв.
746USAKeystone Wireless31016900.04 лв.
747USAMohave Wireless31013500.04 лв.
748USAOklahoma Western Telephone Company31015400.04 лв.
749USAPTSI31017600.04 лв.
750USASprint31011200.04 лв.
751USAT-Mobile (SunCom)31014900.04 лв.
752USAT-Mobile USA3101260,160,200,210,220,011,416,667,314,567,256,243,937,763,917,8240.04 лв.
753USATMP Corporation31014600.04 лв.
754USAUnicel Rural Cellular Corporation31018900.04 лв.
755USAUnion Telephone Company3101200.04 лв.
756USAUnited Wireless Communications31014400.04 лв.
757USAVerizon Wireless3101120.04 лв.
758USAXIT Cellular31019500.04 лв.
759UzbekistanBeeline Uzbekistan43499840.08 лв.
760UzbekistanPerfectum Mobile43499860.16 лв.
761UzbekistanUcell Uzbekistan43499850.04 лв.
762UzbekistanUMS Uzbekinstan (MTS)43499870.08 лв.
763VanuatuDigicel Vanuatu54167850.04 лв.
764VanuatuTelecom Vanuatu5416781 2 3 4 6 70.16 лв.
765VenezuelaDigitel Venezuela734582 1 30.04 лв.
766VenezuelaMovilnet7345860.04 лв.
767VenezuelaTelefonica Movil Venezuela (Movistar)7345840.04 лв.
768VietnamGmobile (Beeline) Vietnam4528470.04 лв.
769VietnamMobiFon Vietnam4528410.04 лв.
770VietnamVietnamobile (HTC)4528450.04 лв.
771VietnamViettel Mobile4528440.04 лв.
772VietnamViettel Mobile (3G EVNTelecom)4528480.04 лв.
773VietnamViettel Mobile (EVNTelecom)4528460.04 лв.
774VietnamVinaPhone4528420.04 лв.
775Virgin Islands BritishCable & Wireless British Virgin Islands34812841700.08 лв.
776Virgin Islands BritishDigicel British Virgin Islands34812847700.08 лв.
777YemenMTN Yemen (Spacetel)42196720.04 лв.
779YemenY Telecom (Y HiTS UNITEL)4219674,7000.04 лв.
780YemenYemen Mobile (CDMA)42196730.08 лв.
782ZambiaMTN Zambia64526020.04 лв.
783ZambiaZAMTEL64526030.04 лв.
784ZimbabweEconet Zimbabwe64826340.08 лв.
785ZimbabweNetOne Zimbabwe64826310.04 лв.
786ZimbabweTelecel Zimbabwe64826330.04 лв.