Website optimization


Optimization is a complex set of techniques applied to raise the rating of the site in search systems. Optimizing the website for search engines improves and eases conditions for finding pages on your site by search systems, quality and thoroughly conducted site optimization will help to show the search engines that your page is relevant to the inquiries of alleged customers for your goods or services.

“Media Play” Ltd. conducts professional SEO optimization for search engines. Optimization of the site, which will trust will launch your website in the top search results in search engines by specific keywords.

Our SEO specialists use in their work the basic principles of the search engines. For this early conducted selection of semantic core of the website, ie main keyword, and then carried out optimization these words.

We suggest you conduct site optimization, then it sure that your website will be the first places in the search engines on key questions, which will provide for you a tributary of the target audience.

If you order your site from scratch (see here for Web Site) – we will create for him the necessary structure for optimization. If you are approached us with a request to raise your resource at the forefront of search systems, then our specialists may need to amend the existing structure on the site. Full and detailed description of the process of site optimization offer little studio for web design. And the work is not secret to themselves SEOs or sacraments process called “seo site optimization.” Just the sheer volume of information and mutually exclusive methods and techniques for seo optimization creates multiple paths to achieve success in this process.

Far not every web design studio is capable to provide full positions in search engines (search systems) for its customers. Some did not fulfill promises given to the customer, usually argue that the search engines (search systems) constantly changing algorithms for indexing pages. This is not true. It all depends on the company’s experience, qualifications and literacy of its specialists.

Play Media Ltd. ensures that after an optimization of the site, it will be in the top ten.

With the help of our experts your project will become a leader in search engines (search systems).

What are the main steps in the optimization of site?

  • Analysis of the sites of competition;
  • Keyword selection (formation of semantic core);
  • Optimization of site structure, sealing texts with keywords, metatags optimization of the website;
  • Registration site in search systems;
  • Registration on the site thematic and non-thematic catalogs, reference books, directories;
  • Organization of exchange of links;
  • Purchase links from pages of thematic and non-thematic resources;
  • Data processing of statistics, data analysis;
  • Giving statements.

The benefits of optimization for search engines to various types of Internet advertising:

  • Optimal price / quality ratio;
  • Attracting the target audience;
  • Ability to cover the whole territory of the country for a short period of time;
  • The results are maintained long after the end of the work (depending on the level of competition);
  • Tangible result (requests from the site, sharply increasing the amount of rings increase in site visitation).

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