Mobile marketing

SMS Gateway / Mobile marketing


SMS Gateway connects SMS center of various mobile operators and provides a single, easy to use interface for sending text messages.

The service is entirely web-based, which helps our clients easily and quickly send messages to anywhere in the world.


  • Telenor
  • M-tel
  • Viviacom
  • BOB, Alo!da, FROG
  • + 900 over the world
Possible ways to send short text messages:
  • Web2SMS (Web-based software for sending short text messages)
  • SMPP
  • Email2SMS
Information for delivery of short messages (Delivery Report) software has a module for reporting the delivery of each message sent. The platform offers an opportunity to report on any communication through customer identification number or a reference number and an hour. The connection is via HTTP-API communication between the client software and Each client can track the status of sent messages in real time and receive information on delivery.



SMSHUB servers are collocated in the best colocation center on the Balkans – Telepoint.BG and 99,9% uptime guarantee on all services. The system makes automatic backups every customer every 15 seconds to not lose any information.


Offered services :
  • Dynamic dispatch
  • Interactive telephone directory
  • Message to a number
  • Message to a group of numbers
  • Automatic generation of invoices
  • Reports, statistics
  • Free test account
  • Innovative template messages to one or group of numbers
  • Unlimited validity of credit account
  • Messages of Cyrillic
Sectors in which the service can be used
  • courier companies
  • consulting firms
  • Internet providers
  • Insurance companies and insurance brokers
  • advertising campaigns
  • online Stores
  • Web sites for collective shopping
  • credit institutions
  • Companies engaged in logistics and freight forwarding

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