Development of mobile applications for Android mobile devices


Consulting and design to app

You can count on our team to assist you in designing the vision, structure and functionality that will be set out in the app, where design each screen and its component elements and options that are available to consumers (so-called mock-up).

Design the app

In the construction of the visual concept of each application taking into account the peculiarities of the environment in which it is developed (iOS and Android) and of course devices which will be designed to comply the necessary resolutions.


Once we have completed design concept move on to programming the application using the iOS SDK and / or Java and Android SDK depending on the orientation of the application.



We insist on good quality, which requires investment of substantial resources to complete testing of all products Exsisto realized. To make sure that you get a professionally made application, we will conduct tests on the look and functionality of existing simulators and real devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android and others.


Approval and publication of the application

No matter it’s iOS app or Android, it should be approved respectively from the App Store or from Android Market. You can count on our team to submitting your application for review and approval of both platforms. Our team knows the standards and rules for the creation and approval of applications, which is why they are quickly approved and implemented the platform for sale or download by users.


Promoting application

Our marketing team has developed a special strategy for promoting mobile applications – contact us and we will be glad to present this service for you.

The mobile version of a website often offers the same look as your website, but lightweight in terms of graphics, animation and others that would be more difficult to view on a mobile device.

Good practice requires the construction of a mobile version of a website to provide this functionality, which is the main subject and object of the company, to facilitate users to review it.


For more information and advice, please contact us!